Free Leadership Lifter: 7 Keys to an Effective Ministry

By Rick Warren

7 KeysIn this free resource, Pastor Rick Warren takes us inside the ministry of the apostle Paul to discover seven key principles for greater effectiveness in any ministry.

An excerpt…

Next to Jesus Christ Himself the greatest model of ministry is the Apostle Paul.  As you do your ministry, whether you’re a Sunday School teacher or a lay pastor or any of the many various ministries we have here at the church, you need to constantly remember seven principles for an effective ministry.  In Romans 15, Paul gives us an inside view of his own ministry.

v. 14 he says “I am myself convinced, my brothers, that you yourselves are full of goodness, complete in knowledge, competent to instruct one another.”  Underline “you’re competent to instruct one another.”  Paul is saying that you’re competent to minister.  You’ve got what it takes.  You don’t have to feel “I could never do that.”  But if you’ll just start serving the Lord, He will give you the competence you need to take those first steps.

The key words in Romans 15 are the words “minister” and “service”.  The word “minister” is used in v. 16 and the word “service” is used in v. 17, 25, and 31.  We’re going to look at these Seven Keys to an Effective Ministry.

If you read down this passage you’ll find that Paul had two different types of ministries.  A ministry to unbelievers and a ministry to believers.  His ministry to unbelievers is v. 14-22 was to share the good news.  He says, “My mission in life is to share the good news with as many people as possible.”  Specifically it was to share it with the Gentiles, those non-Jews.  He also then had a ministry to believers in v. 23-33.  He tells us his ministry was to meet the needs of believers.

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Rick Warren

Rick Warren

Rick Warren is the founding pastor of Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, Calif., one of America's largest and most influential churches. Rick is author of the New York Times bestseller The Purpose Driven Life. His book, The Purpose Driven Church, was named one of the 100 Christian books that changed the 20th century. He is also founder of, a global Internet community for pastors.