7 Tips for Stress Relief for Christians

By Mark Haines


mountainlakeOn one hand, many of us who strive to follow Jesus are as distressed as the average secular person.  On the other hand, Jesus was called the Prince of Peace.  He promised a peace that the world could not give.  The apostle Paul declared we can experience a peace that defies comprehension.  What are we missing?

Stress Relief for Christians

  1. Rest in God’s grace.  You cannot make God love you more or less by the things you do and say.  All you do as a follower of Jesus should flow out of love for God not fear of him.
  2. Pray with thanksgiving and confident trust.  Tell God about your needs.  Thank him for his blessings and believe in his desire to keep on caring for you.
  3. Meditate (think deeply) about Bible passages.  Write out a verse of Scripture and read it at least five times a day until it saturates your mind and you can think about it at will.
  4. Care for your loved ones.  Giving and receiving love is a wonderful stress reliever.
  5. Show compassion on those in need.  As you allow God to love others through your acts of compassion, some of his love splashes on you.
  6. Sings songs of praise.  Worship helps put things in perspective.  Many things we stress about are not worth the effort.  Praising God helps bring us back to reality.
  7. Spend time contemplating God’s creation.  Go for a walk in the woods or on the beach.  Lay back and watch the stars fill the night sky.  Watch a small child at play.

You can experience the peace only Jesus can give.  Make an appointment to do one of these things with him today.

Source: Pastor Mark Haines.

Mark Haines

After graduating from Asbury Theological Seminary, I became an ordained minister in The Wesleyan Church in 1983. I have served congregations in four of the Great Lakes States. I have also worked as a free lance writer for over 15 years writing Bible Study lessons, commentary articles and presentation plans for my denomination’s Sunday School curriculum. Be sure to catch Mark's blog or follow him on Twitter.