• Mela’n Greathouse

    have been following Pastor Rick since 2001, as per his book, the Purpose Driven Life. Pastor Rick’s heart seems to be one that is ready to embrace change, not without calculating the risks involved, but using the same ole’ systems and methods from a decade ago. Accountability is in place, just not mentioned in this article.
    Thanks Pastor Rick, for prompting us all to keep “thinking outside the box”.

  • Louis Austad

    Good article, yet no views towards maintaining accountability.

    • Leon

      Most of the articles, is seems to me, by Pastor Warren (and others) are short (as you can see with this one). As time goes on more things, such as accountability, seem to be addressed appropriately. But, to be sure, accountability is important.

  • Brian-Briana Bolton

    Please explain #3 further!! No ministry teams? Committees? etc.? Everybody works by themselves to carry out various ministries and task? I need more info. I’m very intrigued.