7 Signs of Hope for the American Church

By Brandon Cox

VineThis is a critical age. This is true within Christianity as much as it is without, so we’re highly skilled at pointing out what’s wrong with the church. Thankfully, there are plenty of things right with the church too, including some of the great opportunities that lie before us.

Thom Rainer, President of LifeWay Resources offers up 7 signs of hope for the American church in 2011, including:

  1. A renewed love for the Bible.
  2. Increasing passion for the nations.
  3. A concern for both eternal needs and temporal needs.
  4. The young and restless Millennial Christians.
  5. A desire for authentic and transparent leaders in our churches.
  6. A healthy reevaluation of church and denominational structures.
  7. An increased emphasis on church planting.

To read Dr. Rainer’s excellent expansion of these seven topics, head on over to his post about 7 signs of hope for the American church in 2011.

And by all means, let us know what you see going right for the church in the upcoming decade. Go!

Brandon Cox

Brandon Cox has been a Pastor for fifteen years and is currently planting a church in northwest Arkansas, a Saddleback-sponsored church. He also serves as Editor of Pastors.com and Rick Warren's Pastors' Toolbox, and authors a top 100 blog for church leaders. He's also the author of Rewired: Using Technology to Share God's Love.