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  1. Sorry, but this was a very shallow article.

  2. Dear D Barry, I could NOT disagree with you more. Of course preaching Scriptural Truth is the very foundation of a growing church. For if we are not then we are leading folks in the wrong direction. But, here is the problem. We as Pastors have been called to the most wonderful of all vocations, that of being a shepherd of HIS flock. It is more than just preparing and delivering a great, bible based, scripturally sound message on Sunday (and Wednesday). That is being a preacher. But a Pastor has a responsibility to the LORD to “manage” the pastorate in which we have been called. We are called not only to preach, but to teach, to counsel, to comfort and in the case of my denomination administer the Sacraments of Holy Communion and Baptism. We are also called, by Jesus himself, no, not called but commanded, to grow the Kingdom. We do this through HIS church.
    If you think that these are only “corporate rules” then may I ask which one of the 7 is not scriptural? Should not the House of the Lord be the one place in our community where HIS glory is spotlighted and excellence abounds? Should we always remain focused on our mission and stop doing those things that do not grow the kingdom? As a Pastor should we not ensure that our flock is feed spiritually and our growth continues in HIS word and Spirit? Should we not accept and embrace changes that allows the congregation to more fully Worship HIM? Jesus recognized the true believers as did Paul. And why would we not continually celebrate HIS presence, HIS work within us and the Church?
    All I am saying is that we are called to indeed do more than just preach. God Bless You and Your Ministry.

  3. All this 7 practices of growing churches writing is about corporate growth. This is not biblical. Our churches were not meant to be corporations of growth. Where is the mention of the preaching of SCRIPTURAL TRUTH (not compromising to draw in non-believers) in these 7 practices? Were 7 practices written to sound like this if of the Lord? Where are your scriptural references for these 7 practices? All this sounds like is management suggestions from the secular world. Secular management does not work in a bible-believing, spirit-filled church; it only feeds those who want a corporation that makes money. Is this what you are promoting? That’s absolute, unadulterated blasphemy.