7 Keys to Build the Greatest Team Ever

By Artie Davis
  1. Team Engagement – Your team will follow and love the leader that loves and engages them. Keep an open door policy and make your team and their concerns a real priority.
  2. Empowerment – Everybody likes a chance to shine, to be the best they can be. That means no micro-managing allowed! Don’t expect someone or anyone to do it like you or as good as you. Help them be the best THEY can be. Not a “mini-me.”
  3. Big Vision – The team has to see a vision so big that it takes God Himself to pull it off. The days of the “Celeb” leader is over. Tomorrow’s greatest leaders will only follow a true humble servant leader.
  4. Clear Systems and Processes – What’s next? How do we get there, and who’s responsible for what? Those are questions that your team needs to know to be on the same page. Don’t make them fly without a radar. Establish clear systems that empower and yet guide.
  5. Flexible Schedules – It’s been proven that workers are more productive and happy in a position that embraces flexibility rather than stringent time requirements. Come on, make that right hire and then trust them to hear from God and do His work. Yes, they need clear expectations, but not strict schedules.
  6. Room for Growth – Have an “Open nest” policy. Let those with potential fly! Make room for them to use their gifts and talents, even if it means you have to use less of yours. Making others more successful than yourself will be the real test of your leadership.

Have you discovered any other vital parts of a great team?

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Artie Davis

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