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  1. While relying on the bible as your main source, gleaning wisdom from other Christians who have written about certain subjects is certainly beneficial. Thank you for this list David.

  2. 4nokoolaidforme2 April 14, 2012 at 10:06 am

    I agree with David Buffaloe.  Herein lies the problem:  The Holy Bible did not make the ‘must-read’ list for pastors who want to ‘last’??  What a sad commentary on today’s pseudo ‘pastors’.
    My challenge to pastors is to brush away every single book you own, except the Bible, and preach the Word. See what God will do–not what you will do–not what ideas you copy from others will do–not what sermons you download will do! Rather than flocking to the latest book or the latest gimmick, or the latest list of the 7 books for pastors who want to ‘last’, how about teaching, preaching, and tweeting (if you must) the Scriptures rather than what man has to say. God is taking note. Let God work in your life. To have a church of authentic believers (as opposed to ‘your followers’), they must see an authentic pastor–one who does not rely on a man-made list of ‘how-to’, one who stays in the Word, one who preaches as if his audience is Jesus Christ Himself.
    Pastors who “want to last”?  Let’s start with humility.
    I Corinthians 2:4 

  3. My number 1 is the Bible. Many of the self help leadership books I read are like my doctors – each giving opposing opinions