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  1. Don’t come down with pastor-itis. I have seen it several times where a pastor thinks he is entitled and when given gifts, does not respond or thank those who have sacrificed of their time, talents, or money. Set the example. Be the first to thank people in writing as well as in person, be the first to take responsibility, and be the first to sacrifice.

  2. Pastor George Masih March 9, 2016 at 9:30 am

    Very resourceful five points.
    #5 is true words which happens to every pastor. It is 13th year of ethnic minstry (Grace Community Church LCMS) for Pakistani and Indian Christian brothers and sisters but you are right we have to focus on God and ask Him to guide us to face the challenges. Keep everything in praye, gGod will give the ways and turn the ways of wicked into blessings.

  3. I couldn’t agree more about remembering the family. This hits overseas workers, as well. He gets busy in the ministry with its ups, downs, relationships, etc. while the spouse and family adjust not only to the new culture but to a new culture that doesn’t include dad very much.

  4. I would also add one more. Don’t forget your family. It is easier for the minister to adjust since he is being pulled into ministry and relationships. It is harder on the family, and they are often neglected by the husband/father because he has to “learn the ropes” of this new ministry “fulfill God’s calling.” Keep looking at things from the family’s perspectives.

  5. Great and timely word! Thanks for sharing this!

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