6 Tips for Finding Mentors In Your Life

By MAGsays

MentorsCurrently, I mentor young guys who are newly married, business-types & entrepreneurs, and love God. They are go-getters. They have passion. They want to be great. Truth is, they are great … they just don’t know it yet. The potential they possess, at times, leaves me speechless. My heart is excited for their future possibilities.

The other day, I had a friend of mine ask me who my mentors are. I have a handful. They are close to my heart for different reasons. Ever since my dad developed cancer when I was in college, I have intentionally sought out amazing, older men who had lives I admired. Their friendship and counsel have made me the man I am today. My family has significantly benefited because older men invested in me with their time and words.

Here are 6 tips I offer you … on seeking out mentors in your life:

  1. Be strategic. Every man or woman who is successful … does NOT have ALL the answers. You need to be strategic and map out WHY they would be a good mentor for you … in a specific area of your life.
  2. Grant permission. Mentoring is nothing without permission. My mentors are close to my heart for different reasons. I have men in my life, who I have given permission to speak deeply into my life, so that I can make change happen. So I can be a better man, follower of Jesus, husband, dad, friend & etc. The prideful need not apply.
  3. Understand seasons. Not all mentors can add value in your life, your whole life. The need for new mentors should emerge in your mind when your current mentoring relationships are mature.
  4. Get proactive. Set out a meeting plan and set an agenda. Meeting at Waffle House once every 3 months and having them ask you “So, how’s life?” does not count. Map the course of your discussions. What books will you read? What scripture will you memorize? When will you meet? What questions will you hold me accountable to?
  5. Good mentors are not looking for you. Your delusional if you think successful people are out there looking to invest in your life. You need to get in their damage path and ask them questions. You need to jump in their river and let them show you life on their terms. The prideful person thinks that mentors should find them.
  6. Look up & down. Not all mentors are older than you. Some of the best ideas and wisdom I have gleaned … came from people younger than me.

QUESTION: Are you seeking out a mentor(s) right now? What is your strategy to let the appropriate people speak into your life?


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