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  2. We were told there are two areas you have to walk a very straight line with when ministering to people, their children and their money. I applaud you brother for tackling this issue, it needs the light of God shed on it. My husband was a youth pastor for years and then we were dorm parents overseas and he also was the finance man…ugg…the very two things that can cause more problems with those we work with. Great post…

  3. When one returns part of his or her increase (whether it be time, talents, resources — aka money) to God, they enter into a partnership with God, declaring support of His mission, ministry, and church. This is also seen as a heart-felt act of worship by God, as it is an expression of loyalty that connects us with God’s promises and blessings, and gives us a sense of fellowship in the Divine-human partnership.

    The conversion of the heart is one thing… the conversion of the wallet … ? That’s LOVE for God and showing Him that you earnestly desire to be His child and disciple of Jesus Christ.

    If all believers returned their tithe regularly and it was used strictly for the support of gospel workers, there would be more than enough money to reach the entire earth very quickly with God’s end-time gospel message.