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  1. “As infrequent attendance becomes more and more common…” is this a trend in the more urban churches? The trend we see in the suburban and rural churches is mainly churn. But, they’re not quitting church.. They float around primarily due to personality issues with the pastor. But, I would like more insight in the “infrequent attendance” issue if anyone knows. Is this just happening on the margins or is it widespread due to the career choices of professionals? How are churches mitigating this?

  2. These are very good points to communicating. We write updates for our ministry of Member Care with New Tribes Missions and sometimes it hard to communicate. It was much easier when we served overseas. Going to make a list of these points for our next update. Thanks.

  3. I’m having a thought that has been brewing for some time and I wonder if anyone has experience in a similar endeavor. I want to have members of various denominations meet at a local coffee shop/eatery on evening(s) and have open discusion about everyday things which would certainly tickle the ears of the patrons in earshot. Topics would be things that anybody walking by may have an opinion on (music, Dancing w/stars, “green” projects, etc). The set-up is so unchurched would feel comfortable joining the conversation, and the occasional-churcher may be drawn into the conversation as well. But the most useful part of this set up to me, is that the ten churches in our town begin to become more of The Church.