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  1. i wish you’ve got a church in our city (vancouver, canada). spiritual emptiness is so real. sweet blessings pastor rick warren

  2. Rev. David C.Chumo July 27, 2013 at 2:00 pm

    Thanks Pastor Rick Warren for your insightful teachings of God’s word. You are a blessing to my life and ministry. I have read your two books and have enjoyed them. I am using the Purpose Driven Life to do discipleship. You are a gift to the church of Jesus Christ

  3. I love the second reason that you list. Too often, we only look towards the ‘superstars’ among us and overlook the contributions that we can all make in building a strong church community. I like to preach that everyone can do something. Don’t look at what others are doing, but just do what you can to your fullest.

    God bless,



  4. I wish we were closer- we could use a Church like this.

  5. What does the fact that it is large and influential have to do with whether not what this article says is true? You can be large, influential and wrong. We should seek truth first.

    • If the implication is that Saddleback is wrong, then your assumption would be also incorrect. If one knows anything about Saddleback and it’s leaders you would know that it is a biblical church. Biblical in teaching and biblical in practice. Growth or largeness is not the mark of success or even right, but changed lives are. I don’t attend Saddleback but have been affected deeply from afar by the message and its minister.