• saradis

    16, 19, 27… Not so sure about those, at least if verbatim. Otherwise, thank you for this list!

  • Pastor H

    Why would we not tell our daughters to stand for the things of eternity and or to fight for the less privileged?  Why not tell the boys they are hansom and worth more than rubies?

  • Carrollc

    I would add one more, at the very top: The Gospel is that Jesus Christ came and lived the perfect life we couldn’t and took on our sin at the cross, taking the eternal punishment we deserve and rose again so that we might have eternal life & relationship with the Father. It is in light of this that the rest of the statements can be true.

  • Vmamafrika

    I don’t see why the following are to boys specifically

    24. To boys specifically: Never treat your mother with disrespect. Never.

    25. To boys specifically: stand up for yourself.

    26. To boys specifically: it’s okay to cry. (I think women are judged harshly for showing any emotion, but are also judged harshly for not showing emotion. Many women who do well have hardened themselves as a result and I think that’s as unnatural as expecting boys to not cry or be vulnerable)

    27. To boys specifically: it’s okay to be dangerous.

    28. To boys specifically: being dangerous can leave you hurt. But playing it safe isn’t what men are called to do. (Playing it safe isn’t what CHRISTIANS are called to do. They don’t only persecute men)

    29. To boys specifically: fight for things that are eternally valuable. (Women shouldn’t be passive, should they?)

    30. To boys specifically: stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves.

  • Iheanyi John

    I am not sure no 35 is Scripture. I thought we should love other like we love ourselves.

  • Gaylord

    I’d like to add one thing here.

    If there is one person that will never make you cry, or spank, hit,etc…  you, That is me. This is a promise.

    • Pastor Jeff

      It is just as real abuse to not spank when it is called for as it is to spank when it is uncalled for. The most loving I have ever been to my children is when I cause them measured pain so that they can learn to avoid immeasurable pain later. The Bible is right. A father will discipline the one he loves. In a Biblical context that includes not “sparing the rod” and occasionally being the reason your children cry. Only a real “sicko” enjoys causing pain to their children. But a real parent does (and must at times) bring pain (measured, loving but real) upon their children when their behavior requires it. To refuse that is to hate your children more than the discomfort of causing them pain.

      • Gary Martin

        SPARE me this [so called] Pastor’s sermon or advice….i am certain who did ”not” call him to the ministry.

      • John

        I agree, Jeff. A lack of discipline (regardless of how you define discipline) is a much greater injustice to your child than causing them temporary displeasure. Well said.

    • GarY mARTIN

      THE first time i took our very young son to his room to discipline him for having stolen a comic book from the small corner store, my wife came into the room and found me ”HUGGING” our Glenn and immediately said ”WHAT IS THIS” ?? I proceeded to explain that i had given a light licking and immediiately thereafter told him why the punishment but not withstanding i would always love him unconditionally…..the latter being more important than the former….my son is now
      50 yrs old and i am 73 and we love each other even to this day unconditionally.
      I would never promise not ever to make him cry or spank etc, but unconditional love always.

  • “Let’s grab our bikes and go get ice cream!”   (Great stuff, Ben … Great job!)