• Joseph Ita

    I am blessed by this message. Thank you and God bless.

  • Kenniejee M.

    Awesome! very inspiring strategies in building Christians in the Church. I also use the writing of commitments written in paper and it was effective in helping my disciples remembering why are they attending my mentoring class. Thank you so much for the additional ideas. God bless u all

  • Tino

    Great article! Thank you.

    Quick question: How do you count your people? Is there a software program you use? How does a member and/or attender get counted for their attendance/participation etc?

  • Pastor Stephen Wanyama

    Thank you so much Pastor Rick for such great depth of knowledge you selflessly share with us.
    May God superabundantly bless you.

  • Susan Hom

    I have not seen a commitment card. If it is the tearoff from the program it is called a response card. Let me know where I can locate a commitment card at Saddleback.

    • Bert

      Commitment cards are those you sign when you take on Class 101, 201, 301 …

  • Thomas Roy

    Thank you so much for your wonderful events to exercise the growth of churches. I will try my best to follow your steps.
    Thank you
    Pastor Thomas Roy

  • Pastor. Eric Abakah

    Very true and insightful

  • Pastor Moses Ghereje

    You are a gift to this generation. More grace