• I am a new pastor of small groups and have only worked at our church for a month. Thankfully, our senior pastor is totally on board with launching small groups. He’s talked about them from the stage every week for my first five Sundays. I must say, that is a very important role. If he was not on board so heavily I am not sure if anyone would sign up for a group!

    The part about not adding new members to groups that have existed for three months also stood out to me. I never thought about that. Going forward I will put emphasis on recruiting new people for new groups.

    Here’s my question: once you have groups launched and going smoothly, do you list them anywhere? Give them any promotion? I want the existing groups to feel supported and to know that their work is important, but I don’t know if I can remove them from our website and bulletin insert? What do you suggest?

    • Hi Christopher! Good question. It certainly can’t hurt to list your new groups on your website or in a catalog available at your small group booth. You retain control in terms of which new groups will be listed and how (for example, you might choose to only list the new groups that have submitted an application or been assigned a coach).

      At the same time, keep in mind that most unconnected people are often hesitant to use an online finder or a catalog, since it means showing up at a stranger’s living room. I prefer to focus on launching new groups while teaching existing leaders to fish for their own members. See my article for more: http://www.markhowelllive.com/skill-training-top-10-ways-to-find-new-group-members/