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  1. I don’t come from a small town, but I do come from a small church. One I would add is “You don’t measure success by numbers of butts in the chairs.”

  2. Our church, a Cowboy Church in Central Texas, probably reflects the community as much as any I’ve seen. That is wonderful, and scary. We have so many with so many needs we sure need Jesus attitudes to keep us up and going. We have many who are in leadership positions now that hadn’t even gone to church much elsewhere. It’s great to see them grow and take root in the Christ/diciple process.
    I tell folks we have more bikers, more members in jail, and more former drug/alcoholics than any church in the county and we love ’em all. They are growing too…. Oh yes, they have needs, and need help quite often, but we love each one and will let Christ work on them as they at least seek out the comfort of ‘church’ with us..