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  1. Hey Justin, just came across your article here. I totally agree with you with regards to building your church website for outsiders, showing lots of photos, adding value and making clear calls to action. Not sure about no image sliders though. Image sliders do work on mobile devices (check out https://www.ourchurch.com on your phone) and it’s a great way to showcase photos. If you’re using an image slider to showcase photos, a low click rate isn’t necessarily an issue.

  2. Your suggestions were very helpful, particularly #2 “Build a Site for Outsiders”. For my local Celebrate Recovery site, I created a “Sneak Peek” page to introduce visitors to the structure of a CR meeting and the 8 Principles.

    I’d welcome your feedback on our basic 5-pg CR site: http://FortPayneCR.com
    [ If anyone’s interested: Feel free to copy the template and customize it for your local group. ]

    FYI: The site’s “broken” motif came from my proposed Celebrate Recovery Gospel of John cover (through the Pocket Testament League). I’ve submitted it to Pastor Warren for consideration but haven’t heard back yet.

    Also, I highly recommend this book on web design:
    Don’t Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability ~ by Steve Krug