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  1. I think one of the best ways to build momentum in your people is to trust the Jesus in them. Live high standards, expect high standards, speak high standards, don’t manage them. Leadership is action and people want to be on a winning team. They also want to be trusted. Why did God bring them to your congregation? to fit into your box – I think not. It is your job to encourage/equip/motivate them to do what God called them to do. Otherwise you’re fighting.
    You mention a conundrum about having “awesome weekend attendance but awful initiative performance and it’s confusing”. Do you know why?…… it is because that Sunday morning is all that “counts”. So now where do you think the general masses get their thinking that all church activities are subservient to the Sunday morning service? We as leaders need to have a holistic vision of personal spiritual growth, not a quota of attendance. The vision Jesus had was to ‘love the Lord with all our heart mind, soul, and strength and our neighbor as ourselves’. HE DID NOT SAY – ATTEND SUNDAY MORNING SERVICE. check. If, for example, we have a congregational goal of ‘Fellowship, worship, and the word’; is there only one time to get that? can’t they achieve that in many ways throughout our weekly offerings? If not, then you are not doing your job of ‘equipping the saints for works of service’. Not everyone learns the same way. Passive vs Active, Verbal vs Observant, etc. If Sunday morning was to be the only way, then there should be no problem with lack of action the rest of the week. Also, if this was the case, then Jesus would have only taught one day a week and would imply that everything along the weekly path was a secondary experience for his followers. EVERY encounter with Christ is a significant experience. That is the point, not the Sunday morning attendance. Use Sunday morning as a celebration and reporting time, a team building time of ‘what happened in the trenches’ this week, a rally, a time to truly encourage each other and get ideas for the next week, a round table of discussion and mentorship. Leaders equip. If movement in your community is what you desire, then change your methodologies to get to the goal. Think outside of the perceived box, Jesus certainly did.