• Thetruthwillsetyoufree

    Just wanted to share a great tool for churches and members http://www.fivefold.us

  • drairwolf1

    I totally agree. I was visiting a city a few months ago and looking for a church to visit. I was surprised that I couldn’t figure out where a few churches met and at what time. There have been other times where I realize there’s no way for me to contact anyone from the church on the website. I think you also need to think about your audience. Our church is for people who are far from God so we try to make sure every thing we write is geared towards a person with no previous church experience. http://www.refuelblog.com http://www.velocitycleveland.org

  • Angela

    Justin, great points! I know when I am looking for a church the website speaks volumes. I especially like your point, “These days, there’s no excuse to have a bad website.” UpThemes, echoes this. Our team built Uplifted a WordPress theme for churches: https://upthemes.com/themes/uplifted/. I’d love your thoughts! I hope your post encourages churches out there to spruce up their site taking your advice to heart.