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  1. yes, yes, yes. I have been accused of the things in the first sentence (pride & presumption, etc). It is hurtful and out of line. Small thinking is a waste of energy. I am that Paul, that John the Baptist, the Deborah, some days feels like Moses and Joshua and I don’t feel welcome/accepted in the local church. So many churches want you to fit in a box that they have designed rather than asking what God has designed: “why has God brought you here?”, “What can we help you accomplish?” “How is God working through you?”, “what vision has he given you”. For several years now people have asked me “What church are you going to now?”. NOT ONE person EVER asks “What are you doing for God these days?”.

    I hope church leaders (boards, leaders, pastors) really learn from this article because it’s important. Don’t let your inadequacies ruin others potential. Get it figured out or get out of the way.

  2. What a wonderful uplifting article. My husband and I just moved our church from one town to another town where there are more hispanics and less expenses to keep the church. Many may think we were not blessed and this is the reason why we moved, but it is in my heart to reach as many souls as possible for my Lord and that place was a dessert. I believe the Lord took us there to grow spiritually and engraved important concepts in our lives concerning pastoring. We lost the financial part, most from our pockets, since we were not able to buy the building and we invested without the wisdom of experience. WE ask for your prayers and anyone that read this to pray for us. We are still hoping to enlarge our influence through our Lord with the hispanic communities.


  3. Dwight Clough July 11, 2013 at 7:05 am

    We have a great opportunity to move from little to big thinking in how we measure the potential of our congregations – we need to think outside the box – outside four boxes:
    1. the who box – it’s not just the pastor – it’s all the people
    2. the when box – it’s not just Sunday morning – it’s all 168 hours a week
    3. the where box – it’s not just in the church building – it’s everywhere God’s people are
    4. the what box – it’s not just churchy activities like sermons and songs – it’s everything that builds God’s kingdom – the gospel transforms people, cultures and nations

  4. Duncan Campbell July 11, 2013 at 2:29 am

    THANK YOU RICK! I have been a follower of Christ for over 36 years, and I have struggled A LOT with the above 3 questions. You have, in your typical, straight forward manner eliminated some niggling doubts and clarified some key points! GOOD STUFF!