3 Answers to the Question, “How Do I Become A Better leader”

By Artie Davis

31. Trust God from the bottom of your heart.

I know that seems like a ‘nah duh’ kind of statement  especially for those of us that are called to lead Christ’s Church. The truth is, though, that it can be tough as a leader to REALLY trust at times. When it feels like it’s all on us and we’re waiting for God to show up and do what we know we heard him say He’d do, it can be tough to trust. Trust anyway. He’s trustworthy for sure!

2. Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go

Are you desperate to hear from God? If not, you’re gonna find yourself in some really tough spots. He’s the one who will keep you on track in your leadership journey. He’ll let you know when your walking in pride, when you need to step out and move, and when you need to turn the ship in a certain direction. Don’t assume that you know it all. Listen for him. Get on your face and beg for his guidance.

3. Honor God with everything you own

It’s all his anyway. That place you’re leading. Those people you’re leading. That vision your championing. It’s all God’s, honor him with it all. What does that look like? I can’t tell you that. It looks different for different people in different situation. I can tell you that if you’re doing #1 and #2 as a leader, this will become much easier.

How do you become a better leader? There’s a good start. What else ya got?

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Artie Davis

Artie Davis wears a lot of hats and leads a lot of people. He's Pastor at Cornerstone Community Church in Orangeburg, SC. He heads the Comb Network and the Sticks Conference. He speaks and writes about leadership, ministry, church-planting, and cultural diversity in the church. You can find his blog at ArtieDavis.com or catch him on Twitter @artiedavis.