• Ian Blair

    You missed the 1 app every pastor needs! An app for their own church. Any pastor can get their own app made at http://kaleoapps.com

  • Selmon Olive

    Any profession it may be regardless of the fact it is being considered that time management keeps utmost importance in the segment and thus is the time tracking. The best tool ever that I have used in my ipad is the hours tracking software from Replicon which I would like to include in this list.

  • Jamie Wilkins

    Thank you for sharing this. Another great app is Meetings http://themeetingsapp.com/ that helps manage your meetings effectively. It works on iPhone, iPad and Mac.

  • Jason

    I’m a Windows/Android user, so maybe a bit lonely here, but I do use many of these apps. Good choices all around.

    I do prefer Any.Do to any to do app I’ve tried. The mobile app is very functional and beautiful. It also has a desktop app, which I find helpful.

    Thanks for the article.

  • Shane Carroll

    Good Reader!! The best preaching/teaching app I have used so far. I’ve been using an iPad for 3 years and its so so so worth the small investment. I save all my messages as PDF’s and then open them in GoodReader. Its hands down the best I have used thus far.

  • J.P.

    You missed Accordance.

  • Collins

    In my opinion, BLB blue letter bible is the best Bible ap out there. It does just about everything you would want a Bible program to do. It even will read it to you, which I find helpful with some of those crazy names in OT. It also has a Greek and Hebrew pronouncer. I use this program while teaching Bible class. If someone wants to know the meaning of a word I can tell them very quickly. This program does require wifi to access all the tools, but it is a free program.

  • Jay

    If you are a Mac user Accordance software is amazing!

    • John

      As a Seminary student who just completed Hebrew and Greek, I have to say that a friend with Accordance consistently had issues with accurate word translations that the rest of us did not using BibleWorks and Logos. Just my experience.

      • J.P.

        How would that be Accordances fault?

      • Sounds like the problem was not the software. Accordance is outstanding, and has access to the same standard lexicons and morphological tools as those others. I’ve used BibleWorks, Logos, and Accordance, and I believe Accordance to be the best at pure exegetical work.

  • One point of clarification: you are just as locked in with Kindle books as iBook books. Both use DRM and if either company went bust, we’d potentially lose access to what we bought. The fact that Kindle books are available on more devices doesn’t mean it’s a safer option.

    • Good point. I think I just feel safer knowing that if I made a switch from an iPad to an Galaxy Tablet or something then my books would come with me.

      • Yeah, that’s true. Kindle is available on more platforms. So you’re not as tied in to a particular ecosystem, but risks in terms of Amazon or Apple shutting down are similar.

  • Ralph

    Usually we handle many projects in our ministry. Do you use any app to manage them?

    • Check out Wunderlist. Its a cool task manager app that you can also use to share and manage projects with others.

  • David Tarkington

    And Angry Birds, don’t forget the essentials.

  • Julian

    I use my iPad in conjunction with my mac and sync them together. Most apps have mac and iPad versions which update automatically. Others don’t and for those I have noted both down.

    Sermon Prep = Scrivener (mac) and Index Card (iPad) for research and Pages (both) for Writing/formatting/exporting to iBooks.
    Sermon Delivery = iBooks
    Note Taking = Penultimate (for handwritten), Evernote (Typed), Notes (v. short / personal notes)
    Note Management = Evernote (all Devices)
    Worship Song / Chord Sheet Management = OnSong (iPad), Songsheet Generator (Mac)
    Bible App = Olive Tree Bible + (all devices)
    File Storage = Dropbox (Work/Ministry) & Google Drive (Personal)
    ToDo – I just use the alarm feature on iCal or the reminder app. Evernote also has a remind/alarm feature to help with timing sermon prep.

    For reading (both general and research), I am starting to buy electronic copies of some of the most important books. I use both Kindle and iBooks as some titles are not available on both – iBooks by preference though.

    • Thanks for the tips. Going to have to check some of these out.

  • doug

    I use Documents to Go to write and preach from. it has a function that shuts off the editing features and use it only for scrolling. you can pinch-zoom, too, which automatically enlarges or shrinks the text all within the borders of the screen.

  • Eric

    Brandon, understand that to use Spotify on your iPad or iPhone (or other device), it is now completely FREE to do so. You only need to pay for no ads.

    • Thanks Eric. Didn’t know they changed it now.

    • Vic Pitman-Jones

      That’s not quite true. If you pay for it you can download and store the music. The free version allows you to make playlists but not to download the music.