How did this make an impact?

  1. Mr. Dodd:

    You should walk away from your pap that “all sin is sin.” Nelson Mandela was a pragmatist with a lot of support from the enemies of the United States. He believed that the end justified the means. He committed multiple acts of terrorism yet in the name of the anti-apartheid movement, he became great in the eyes of many.

    But, somehow, after he rose to power, the atrocities associated with his affiliations did not end. They continued and continued and continued.

    And what about the fate of South Africa today? It is an absolute basket case. The disparity between rich and poor is greater than ever. The plight of the black africans is virtually unchanged since Mandela came to power and it may have even worsened. However, a new, super rich, black upper class has emerged, thanks to Nelson Mandela.

    In a few years, history will reflect on Nelson Mandela’s legacy. Although the world will still recognize that nobody is perfect, it will be clear that some sins are far more egregious than others.

  2. unlimited abortion rights, legalizing all pornography, and an attempt to legalize prostitution. wanted to legalize same sex marriage. why did is communist past not come into play, why did his planning of bombing hospitals not come to play for this diatribe. Sir your article is flawed

    • Amy, I would respond with a quote from a friend of mine via Facebook…

      “All human beings are flawed, and some of those that we lionize for significant accomplishments were deeply flawed. As a matter of history, that is undeniable, and it should be recognized and not denied.
      Having said that, some human beings prevail on matters of such singular importance that their accomplishments can and should be remembered in spite of their flaws.

      “Those tempted to use Nelson Mandela’s death as a reason to criticize his legacy should remember that. Was he guilty of things of which reasonable men deeply disapprove? Yes. Is South Africa today a country where there are deep and tragic problems? Yes, again. However, no one should discount either the profound evil of apartheid nor the bravery of those who led in its defeat. Those who insist that the flaws overwhelm the legacy do their own causes no favor by efforts to tear Mr. Mandela down at the same time that those who appreciate him are memorializing him in death.”

    • Thank you Amy.

  3. Curious – why aren’t there any of his quotes about Jesus there?