• This is something I (we) have to continue to remind myself/ourselves. Thanks for this, its something I can use for a class I I teaching in a few weeks.

  • Ray Finger

    As a Children’s Pastor for almost sixteen years I have been saying what you just said using the exact same terminology for several years now. Our kids really seem to be able to wrap their mind around what genuine success should look like when it’s presented this way. However, as a former senior pastor I also know that most people in “Big Church” need to hear it presented this way as well. Thanks brother for ringing the success bell so loud and clear… for ALL to hear!

    • Ray, great thought there! If kids can grab it, we should probably be grabbing it too. Thanks!

  • Another good word Brandon.,, it’s made me consider how I view success. Just imagine the time we can hear “Well done, good and faithful servant…” Wow. Better look over my to-do list today.