• john

    I appreciate all of your suggestions and have read many of them. I wanted to share I book i just found called Prayers at 8:30 by Stanley F. Schmidt. This collection of 104 illustrated prayers is thoughtful and evocative.

  • rick

    A Praying Life by Paul Miller
    The Hidden Life of Prayer by David MacIntyre

  • Hello, Brandon! Came across your list of Books on Prayer a little late (7+ months), and I appreciate your suggestions. I wanted to share with you my “must-have” book on prayer. It was written by Wesley Duewel in 1990. It is entitled, “Mighty Prevailing Prayer.” I have read this book many times and reference it more now than ever before. It is a virtual encyclopedia with quotes by the masters on the subject of prayer. You can get it at Amazon, and I highly recommend it! Thanks for your investment into other pastors and leaders! Blessings!!!

    • Glenn, great add! Thanks for pointing this one out!