10 Ways to Build Relationships with Food

By Mark Haines


foodRelationships are the base of God’s plan to express Jesus’ love to others.  Today I want to give you ten ideas for how you can use food to build new relationships or to strengthen established ones.

Try one or two as you build relationships on purpose.  After all, as someone once said, “People may not want to hear the gospel but they probably won’t turn down ice cream.”

Ten Ways to Build Relationships with Food

  1. Go out for ice cream after taking in a movie or sports event.
  2. Invite your next door neighbors over to play a game while eating popcorn and drinking a soda pop.
  3. Invite newcomers to your church out for coffee or lunch after worship sometime.
  4. Work with two or three people to organize a party for a mutual friend.
  5. Have an early morning breakfast picnic at a public park with another family.
  6. Bring coffee and cookies to your Bible study group.  Better yet surprise your coworkers with free treats.
  7. Host a party where all the guests bring copies of their favorite recipes along with the dish so everyone can sample and share.
  8. Invite someone over for dinner.
  9. Share a fresh pitcher of tea or lemonade with your folks walking by your house this weekend.  Free refreshing drinks on a hot summer day are always appreciated.
  10. Just do something — with ice cream, of course!

Be creative.  Have fun.  Make some new friends and renew some older relationships. You’ll be glad you did.

Source: Mark Haines. Photo credit.

Mark Haines

After graduating from Asbury Theological Seminary, I became an ordained minister in The Wesleyan Church in 1983. I have served congregations in four of the Great Lakes States. I have also worked as a free lance writer for over 15 years writing Bible Study lessons, commentary articles and presentation plans for my denomination’s Sunday School curriculum. Be sure to catch Mark's blog or follow him on Twitter.