• Mike

    Thanks Thom! Excellent insights and I have to agree with at least 8 ( and probably all) of the things. Thanks and hopefully people in the seminaries and BIble colleges are reading!

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  • Jim

    Mentors are absolutely essential. I was fortunate to have several early in my ministry and continue to relate regularly with one man who has been my mentor for 26 years! And I humbly serve as a mentor to three men one of which I have related to for 16 years. A college or seminary degree is not enough. Get a mentor. Be a mentor.

  • This article was very helpful – It’s great to see these situations laid out that new pastors face when starting a new position or planting a church.

  • I’m currently training for planting a church, and a few of these questions are ones that seem so obvious, yet I hadn’t thought of them. Do you have any answers for these questions? If so, I’d love to hear them.