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  1. Great questions, Aubrey! They sound very similar to the 6 questions I recommend church communicators tackle when creating their communications strategy:


  2. Aubrey Malphurs August 15, 2013 at 3:40 pm

    Dave, You are exactly right. Unfortunately we are good at making things much more complex than they should be (ie creating 200-300 different ministries in a church without any sense of alignment which only fuels the fire of communication chaos). Sadly churches rarely have a strategy in general much less a communications strategy to help them create buy in and implement their strategy and vision. How have you created focus and alignment in your context?

  3. Aubrey, I resonate completely with #10. Without identifying a big idea and letting that big idea drive all other communications your strategy for communication will be fractured at best. If the church knows what the big idea is and there is buy in from all staff then it suddenly becomes clear what everyone communicates. Thanks for taking the time to share.