• Ayodeji Samuel Sanusi

    From this article, I could see the mistakes I made in my last presentation. This is a great work! Thanks.

    • David Andrew

      Thank you i have learned the importance of invitations

  • Andreas Timm

    Thanks for the article… reading this from Germay, I thought the Lufthansa pic was great! LH is a great airline. But the article was better. I’ve always wanted to write my thoughts on this in German for my colleagues, since I receive guest speakers and also do alot of the travelling. May I use some of your headings?

  • Great post. Kinda wondering what the picture of the jet has got to do with preaching?

    • David, it was the author’s pic, probably chosen to represent traveling to preach.

      • Don’t know too many churches they fly their guest pastors in on a Lufthansa jumbo jet!

        • Thanks David. Yeah, the pic was meant to represent travel (although not all churches fly in guest speakers). I just got tired of a picture of a guy on stage for every article I write. So thought I would mix it up a bit. Haha.

          • Well, I’m going to ask for First class to my next speaking engagement (LOL). Thanks for the great article.